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Computer based training
Also more popularly known as Computer Assisted Instruction or Tutorials, "Computer Based Training" is a process of learning that is not executed in the traditional manner one would find in the educational environment. Rather than the conventional classroom and instructor or professor setting, computer based training, for example change management tools involves learning using software applications installed in computers. The student is, in effect, trained by the computer. Oftentimes, this method of learning can be much more effective than the practice of teaching and learning in classrooms because the student, if working alone, can set his or her own speed of learning. As such, the student that is a quick learner can forge ahead at a pace that an average student would not be able to handle. On the other hand, for those that take a little more time than the average student to process and learn new information, computer based training would be ideal, as they can go at their own stride, not fall behind and not keep any other students behind schedule. Do you need computer training in chattanooga, or just computer repair in chattanooga ?

A common example of this type of computer training would be the following: A person would like to learn how to use image editing software program so they purchase the computer based training for that specific software application. They also purchase the actual software that they would like to become familiar with. While they are being trained with the computer assisted instruction, they can simultaneously verify and put into practice all that they learn in the training, since they have the target software on-hand. The advantage of this kind of system is that all of the information is right there at their desktop in one place versus going to a class, having time lapse before they can get access to a computer.

In the past, computer based training was not as easily accessible or viable for businesses as it required a prodigious amount of hardware and software, items that were much more exorbitant in price than today. Nowadays, nearly everyone has access to a personal computer at home, at work or at computer labs in schools or libraries. This kind of access to computers has helped to see an increase in the use of computer courses programs, as well as a growth in the computer based training industry.

KD Sim Studio
In business, you're expected to carry on a reasonable conversation that is efficient and effective, but it's not that easy to master. With this conversation development tool, you'll be able to jumpstart conversations and refine your sales techniques, interviews and interactions. Good conversation skills lead to growing understanding of what is needed, leading to a upward profit.

PMP Training

Expected to pass the PMP Training? Method Corp offers the best ways to pass the exam. With Method's exams, you will be able to identify the areas you need to refine. You'll also be able to determine how ready you are for the exam. If not, you know you can continue with more training until you've got the info down pat. Method's exams will prep you so you can take the test with confidence knowing you will pass with flying colors.

Video Tutorials
You're more of a visual person and the best solution for learning are video tutorials.  With over 50 hours of video tutorial trainings, you will come out knowing more about a myriad of computer programs (Windows, Word, Excel, Photoshop, Visual Basic and more) than if you'd tried to learn them with a manual. Master the programs you've always wanted to learn in no time at all.

Excel Training
Forget manuals, Excel is best learned from the wisdom of experienced and expert users. Excel Training, including Levels 1, 2 and 3, VBA Level and Excel VBA User Forms will teach you everything you need to learn to be a competent, even expert Excel user. Save time yet be more efficient than you've ever been before with these excellent Excel Training courses.